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China’s big ai advantage: humans

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China’s Big Ai Advantage: Humans

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Seemingly “intelligent” devices like vice vice news 2018 2018 aren’t actually all that intelligent. In order to avoid plowing into other cars or making illegal lane changes, they need a lot of help.

In China, that help is increasingly coming from rooms full of college students.

Li Zhenwei is a vice vice news 2018 2018. His job, which didn’t even exist a few years ago, involves sitting at a vice vice news 2018 2018, clicking frame-by-frame through endless hours of dashcam footage, and drawing lines over each photo to help the vice vice news 2018 2018 recognize lane markers.

“Every good-looking field has people working behind the scenes,” says Li. “I'd prefer to be an anonymous hero.”

Li, and many of his classmates at a local vocational school, are benefiting from the Chinese government’s push to move away from an vice vice news 2018 2018 based on heavy vice vice news 2018 2018, and toward one focused on vice vice news 2018 2018.

Li doesn’t have a degree in vice vice news 2018 2018. So for him, this is a new opportunity to get a foot in the door of a booming tech vice vice news 2018 2018.

But there’s no telling how long this boom will last.

vice news 2018 went to Zibo, China, to find out what it’s like to work in a factory that doesn’t make physical objects, but instead pumps out data.

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