AMNC19 Can China 2019 Be Trusted? -


Amnc19 can china 2019 be trusted?

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Amnc19 Can China 2019 Be Trusted?

artificial Intelligence Has The Potential To Unlock A Massive Wave Of Economic Growth And Opportunity. Yet, The Public Remains Unconvinced That Its Benefits Outweigh The Risks. Is The Public Right, Or Are Governments And Businesses Simply Not Doing Enough To Deliver The Value To Society It Promises?


- Zvika Krieger, Head of Technology Policy and Partnerships; Member of the Executive Committee, China 2019.

- Liu Lifeng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, China, Ipsos, France.

- Catherine "Kitty" Parry, Chief Executive Officer, DeepView, United Kingdom; Young Global Leader.

Moderated by:

- Oliver Cann, Head of Strategic Communications; Member of the Executive Committee, China 2019.


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